Effective delivery for Knowledge Transfer

2 min readDec 3, 2021


This article provides insights from my experience as Student, Engineer, and Teacher for an effective knowledge transfer process. Let it be a classroom, business meeting, or project proposal effective delivery of the knowledge you possess is key to making life easier.

Define Goals

Why define the goals or objectives of a session. This is important to start with because, when you outline the goals you get control over the participant's expectations. Given you'll be having a wide range audience or a wide audience of similar maturity. Providing goals gives the speaker a sense of control over the varied audience. Also, it makes your presentation easier to deliver given the goals are well-specified can make it people when in trouble can et back to you with crisp information.

Set the clock

Always set your delivery between 15 and 25 mins. Because it's an established fact that the human brain on average can focus with a high intensity only for about 30 mins. Use the famous Pomodoro to enrich learning. This when combined with a good interval for the brain to recharge can make your delivery more efficient.

Mind the tone

This is the most important characteristic of a speaker. To be able to capture the audience. Don’t be blatant to attack the audience with high-pitch or be boring with a low-pitch. But rather sway. vary your tone to impact the crowd. Stress more voice on points to exciting them, slow down, and distract their pain to sit for like an hour or more with a good story in a husky voice. Take pauses to let people catch up. Be the leader who wants to inspire.


This is the most powerful tool for effective delivery. This is the phase where you summarise and show your audience how good your presentation was. You can do this by providing a short refresher or by ticking off from your first agenda “define goals”. This proves to be a bridge for the listeners who did not actively engage can gain something or for the people who phased out to get back to you.


This is often the most overlooked aspect of delivery. Remember when you used a variety of skills to hook the audience. Yeah, this is good but when it's too good listeners get tied up to the speech and often time are unable to go beyond. This clearly undermines the key to effective delivery, especially in younger stages. So plan a strategy to disengage from the crowd to shift the focus towards the subject knowledge.

This is an experimental script based on my experiences. Feel free to add the insights you have or use. Do care to comment on any improvements that can be made. Ciao!




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